About us

A Message from the President

I would like to send my heartfelt greetings to you all as we start the New Year. May 2006 bring even greater academic and spiritual understanding in your lives.

Since taking office, I have been working with the new officers and district representatives to build on the legacy left by the past administration. Prof. Hisao Inagaki, the past president, continues to offer invaluable advice as a member of the new cabinet.

As I mentioned at the last conference held at Musashino University, I would like to see the IASBS consider the following objectives for the near future:

  1. a greater use of email and the internet as a medium for our communication, such as an electronically-distributed issue of the IASBS Newsletter;
  2. an increase in our membership that includes people of wider background; and interests;
  3. helping to nurture the next generation of scholars;
  4. enhancing the visibility of IASBS among other academic and religious communities.

The IASBS has a unique role to play as the only worldwide organization focused on Jodo Shinshu and Pure Land Buddhist studies. We, therefore, have the rare opportunity to raise the visibility of Pure Land Buddhism internationally, while simultaneously offering academic perspectives to various Shin and Pure Land religious institutions and their activities.
Accordingly, your active participation is sorely needed to accomplish these goals. Please look around you to see how you can contribute. We actively working with Antonio Cuellar Photography

Please do not hesitate to send comments and criticisms about our association to me and/or to your District Representative, Treasurer or Steering Committee members.

Furthermore, it is not too early to begin thinking about papers and panels for the 13th Biennial Conference at the University of Calgary, scheduled for 4-6 August 2007. Early preparation will ensure higher quality presentations.

Best wishes,
Kenneth K. Tanaka