Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world, and about 7% of the global population are followers of Buddha. The belief is based on the teachings of Buddha and not worshiping Buddha. Many people misunderstand the religion thinking that Buddhist worship the Buddha. You must renounce all the riches of the world and craving of the world. You also cannot be attached to anyone or anything. The religion first originated in Ancient India from where it spread to Asia and slowly declined in India.


The following is some of the facts about Buddhism:

  • Buddhist follow the teachings of Buddha and not worship him.
  • The ultimate goal is to Reach Nirvana.
  • The Bodhi tree is considered sacred.
  • The four Pilgrimage.
  • There is no single holy book in Buddhism.
  • Siddartha Gautama the Prince.

Buddhist follow the teachings of Buddha and not worship him:

Buddhism is a non-theistic religion, and the Buddhist follow the teachings of Buddha and do not worship him. Many people who do not know much about Buddhism think that people worship the Buddha. Buddha was a person who went around teaching people how to attain Nirvana. Practicing Buddhism means that you need to take refuge in Buddha, Dharma, and the Sangha.

The ultimate goal is to Reach Nirvana:

Buddha teaches us that we are in a continuous cycle of birth, death, and sufferings. In our life we need to put an end to this suffering, to stop the suffering, the Buddha says that we need to extinguish the three fires that are passion, ignorance, and aversion. Once these fires are extinguished, then Nirvana is attained.

The Bodhi tree is considered sacred:

It is said that Gautama Buddha attained his enlightenment under a fig tree. Thus many fig trees are planted in the Buddhist monasteries. Though the fig tree where Buddha got enlightened is not there now, many believe that there are other trees which must have propagated from the original tree and consider it holy.

The four Pilgrimage:

The Four Pilgrimages are the places where Buddha resided most of his life. The first pilgrimage is in Lumbini, Nepal which is his birth place. The second one is the place where he got enlightened, Bodh Gaya, India and the third one is at Sarnath, India. Sarnath is the place where Buddha first taught his teachings, and the fourth pilgrimage is at Kusinara, and it is the place of his death.

There is no single holy book in Buddhism:

Unlike the other religion, Buddhism does not have a single holy book from which the Buddhist can read from; they have something called buddha-acana which means the Word of the Buddha.

Siddartha Gautama the Prince:

Buddha was originally was a wealthy prince, and he was confused with his life he left behind everything and set off to find the meaning of life. He could not understand why he got to live such a luxury life, but the people outside the castle had to live in poverty. He was initially named as Siddartha Gautama, and he later changed it to Gautama Buddha.