International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies

The beginnings of Buddhist Studies can be found in the early history of the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) that is connected with the Honpa-Hongwanji branch of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, a Japanese Pure Land School.


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The International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies (IASBS) was founded in 1982 with the aim of developing Shin and Pure Land Buddhist Studies and facilitating exchange of views and information among its members.

This Association Will engage in such scholarly activities as holding conferences, Study meetings, and seminars; publication of both scholarly and general materials,

Such as books, pamphlets, and newsletters; and other activities deemed appropriate by the steering committee.



The members include not only academics, priests, and laypersons affiliated with Shin Buddhism but also those of other academic experience and religious tradition.

To apply for membership, please download this membership form and mail it with your membership dues to the district in which you live.



The IASBS annually publishes The Pure Land : Journal of Pure Land Buddhism, an academic journal in English that contains articles (many from papers presented at these conferences),essays, translations, and book reviews.

Subscriptions to the Journal are available trough membership at the IASBS.

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Join an international community of scholars


Develop international Shin Buddhist studies



To provide graduate level education in the full breadth of the Buddhist tradition with specialized education supporting Pure Land and modern Shin Buddhist Studies and progressing Jodo Shinshu Buddhist ministry.



The IASBS welcomes involvement of those with broad range of interests and specialization within and beyond Pure Land Buddhism.



The International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies has since 19XX hosted a biennial conference in Japan, North America, and other locations.

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